Day 8 Ramadan Activities "TaqabbalAllahu Minna Wa Minkum"

19th Ramadan 1438H

Wednesday, 14th June 2017
Di awal kegiatan Ramadan di FLC kami telah mempersiapkan hadiah-hadiah yang akan kami hadiahkan kepada anak-anak sholehah kami yang berpuasa dan mengikuti kegitan Ramadannya dengan baik.

We were so excited to pick those presents and couldn’t wait to give them to the girls.

Since this day would be their last day before holiday, we started the day activities by reciting the last 2 verses of surah Al Baqarah that alhamdulillaah have memorised well.

Then about all the lessons they’d got from the beginning.
“What can we give for zakatul fitr?”
“What is the sunnah of ‘eid-ul fitr,”
Aghni answered, ” Take a bath,”
“Choose different ways….,” Naila answered meant for way when going and back from the field to pray ‘eid.
“What should you say when you meet muslims on ‘eid?”
“TaqabbalAllaahu minna wa minkum…may Allaah accept it from us and you,” they chorused.

Then we practiced it. The girls shook hands with their friends while saying it. ^^ It was fun!

Setelah shalat Ashar berjamaah kami melanjutkan dengan membuat kartu idul fitri.

“Paper,” Yana answered.
“Glue, scissors,” the other answered when we asked the girls to mention the things yo make the ‘eid-ul fitr card.

“First you have to fold the paper into two…but you have to make space like this,” we instructed the girls while showing them.
“Miss, like this?” Najwaa asked once she finished.
“After like this?” Syahna asked for another instructions.
Step by step we fired the instructions that the girls followed right away.



“Take 5 hearts,” we asked them as we started to decorate the cards. The girls were going to use them as the decoration so the love shapes would look like a waterfall.


“Miss, I want red,”
“I want yellow,” the girls chose the colour of the hearts.

They stuck it one by one inside the card.

Setelah menyelesaikan dekorasinya anak-anak mulai menuliskan ucapan selamat idul fitri di kartu mereka.

You can write TaqabbalAllaahu minna wa minkum…or Happy ‘Eid-ul Fitr,” we suggested.



Finally their ‘eid cards were done. Look how cute they are!^^




After tidied up the flexible class the girls moved to the garden class to accept their presents.

Alhamdulillaah the girls were so happy and ecstatic. To see the happiness on their faces….it was worth it.^^

One funny thing happened when Farras didn’t bring back home her present. It happened that she thought our Ramadan Activities hasn’t ended yet. ^^

BaarakAllaahu feekum, girls ♡♡♡ Have a wonderful holiday. We’ll see you again on 1st of July, inshaa’Allaah

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