Starters B3 B-Kidz Sweet Apple Danish

13th Sha'baan 1437H


Friday, 20th May 2016


Jum’at siang itu Starters B3 kembali ke dapur FLC untuk kegiatan B-Kidz. Setelah pekan sebelumnya membuat Blended Chocolate Milkshake, siang itu mereka akan membuat cemilan manis Sweet Apple Danish.

The girls were so excited. “Sweet apple danish….sweet apple danish” Azzura said over and over just when she arrived at FLC. *smile

“We’ve got only three ingredients” I said to the class. “Puff pastry, sugar and apple” Amirah said as she looked upon the ingredients.

“Puff pastry.. how do you spell puff pastry?”

“P-U-double F-P-A-S-T-R-Y” they spelled together.

“Then apple…caster sugar” I continued.

Setelah anak-anak mengenal seluruh alat dan bahan, barulah kami mengawali proses pembuatan sweet apple danish tersebut.

We moved to the stove to boil the apple. But first of all I divided the class into two groups, Faiza, Amirah and Azzura in one group while Kekey and Fauziah in the other group.

“I want to turn on the stove, miss,” Faiza said. So, she turned the stove on. After that together her group poured the caster sugar into the pan. Diikuti dengan kelompok Kekey-Fauziah memasukkan satu persatu irisan apel ke dalam panci.

Took turn they stirred. “What are you doing, Kekey?” I asked.DSC02593

“I’m stirring,” she answered.

“How do you spell stir?”

“I don’t know” Azzura answered. But not long after she tried to spell the word, “S-T-R-U-E?”

So did her other friends, like Faiza, “S-T-E-E-R?” or “S-T-I-U-R?”

Finally, “S-T-I-R” I spelled it for them.  

“What are they doing?” I asked to Faiza, Azzura and Amirah of what Kekey and Fauziah were doing at that time.

They annswered,”They are stirring,”

When the sliced apple soften slightly, I turned off the pan and set it aside.

Anak-anak kembali ke kursi mereka.

“Can I have cutting board, please?” they asked. I handed over the cutting board to them, then the puff pastry.

“Like what the puff pastry? Cut?” Fauziah asked curiously as she looked at her puff pastry and the knife in her hand.

Setelah mereka mengetahui apa yang harus mereka lakukan, anak-anak mulai bekerja.

“Can I have the slices apple, please?” they asked. They lined the sliced apple on their puff DSC02598pastry then covered with the second puff pastry.

“I know, miss. I see in FLC google,” Azzura said. She meant that she’s seen or read of how to make sweet apple danish on FLC website. *smile

Setelah menaburinya dengan gula, satu persatu mereka meletakkannya di atas loyang.

Once again Faiza offered herself to put the tin DSC02606into the oven, “Miss, I want to put it in the oven,”

The girls returned back to the class to write the recipe.

Sekitar 15 menit kemudian mereka kembali ke dapur.

Maashaa’Allaah, look at those pastries. Tempting, right? And hey tasted yummy.


Alhamdulillaah, the girls enjoyed their day making sweet apple danish.*smile




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