We Love Dhul-Hijjah

8th&9th Dhul-Hijjah 1438H

Wednesday&Thursday, 30th&31st August 2017


The last day of learning about Dhul-Hijjah, the girls scheduled to revise all the previous 3 days lessons and also decorating the board.

Started from the first day lesson about good things they should do during the first ten days.

“Fasting…do charity…dhikr, “were some of their answers.
“Farras?” I asked Farras.
“..(Say) takbeer,” she answered calmly. Hearing her answer her friends right away said the takbeer, “Allaahu Akbar..Allaahu Akbar….Allaahu Akbar…laa ilaa ha illaAllaahu Allaahu Akbar…,”

Saya kemudian mengingatkan mereka bahwa hari itu merupakan hari ke-8 bulan Dzulhijjah di mana para jamaah haji saat itu sedang melakukan ritual haji seperti yang telah mereka pelajari di pertemuan ke-2.

Beside revising about hajj, I also added their knowledge about sunnah prayer, especially rawatib.

“Whoever prayed 12 rakaahs in a day, Allaah will build them a house in paradise,” I told them. Then explained about when and how many rakaahs we do the rawaatib.

“How many rakaah we have to pray after maghrib?” I asked after explanation.
“Two rakaahs,” they answered after we said it over and over.

Di akhir pembelajaran anak-anak kelas Starters A1 kemudian menuliskannya di atas papan tulis. They drew a house and wrote in it. ^^

While in the afternoon the Movers A1 revision emphasized in the intention of doing hajj still I told them also about the sunnah rawatib that I’d just told to the class beforehand.

“LabbaykAllaahumma bi hajj…labbaykaAllaahumma bi hajj…!” They repeated the niyyah of doing hajj over and over for 5 times. Then I asked them one by one to repeat.

“LabbaykAllaahumma bi hajj,” Muthiah mumbled, then said, “I want to write,

Saya kemudian mengatakan bahwa mereka akan menuliskannya bersama-sama nanti.
They practised writing the arabic, Zahra wasn’t confident in the beginning, but she kept trying her best like her friends. And finally she was happy that she could write it walhamdulillaah. BaarakAllaahu feeha.^^

Then,we memorised the meaning, “Here I am O Allaah in response to your call making hajj ..,”

“Respond is …jawab?” Muthiah guessed the meaning.

“Panggilan..panggilan dari Allaah,” Aghni chose the words to explained about the word.

Setelah mereka hafal anak-anak kemudian menuliskan artinya di bawah tulisan niat yang telah mereka tuliskan sebelumnya.

Of course afterward we revised about hajj day by day.


The next day in Movers B1 class, I began by telling them about the holiday they were going to have and also the fun cooking they were going to do on Thursday.

The girls were so excited about the cooking. ^^

The revision started by revising the du’aa of slaughtering then later wrote it on the white board.


Since these girls just learnt about past tense, they also wrote the good deeds they did already.


Revising about day by day, the girls lined the cards of rituals of hajj then wrote it also. When they came to the du’aa they right away say it and also the meaning, “…here I am o Allaah here I am…,” ^^


Let’s hear their voices when they recite the du’aa and the meaning, shall we? ^^

Maashaa’Allaah. You memorised well, girls! Allaahumma baarik ^^

Setelah mempelajari semuanya, anak-anak berlatih menulis do’a.


“The noon is over here,” I reminded. Then, they completed our display.

While in Flyers A1 we revised from the first day, the virtues of the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah.

“Why is it so special?” I asked the girls about the good deeds that we do during 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah.

“Because we will have more……,” Naila stopped, thinking the exact word. So I completed it, “Reward?”

Saya kemudian meluruskan bahwa amalan-amalan baik yang dilakukan di sepuluh hari pertama lebih dicintai oleh Allaah.

Then hajj day by day. “Do you remember the intention?”

“No, because I never gone for hajj,” Naila said. ^^

“This intention said after we said the thalbiyyah,” I reminded them.

Saya mengingatkan anak-anak bahwa hari itu merupakan hari ke sembilan, lalu bertanya ritual haji yang sedang para jamaah haji lakukan saat itu.

Collect stone for ramy,” Azra answered.
“What’s ramy?”
“Stoning ceremony,” she answered again.

Melalui diskusi anak-anak akhirnya menuliskan judul displaynya “We Love Dhul-Hijjah”

The girls decided to decorate it by drawing hearts, flowers, and drops of water.

Anak-anak kemudian menghafalkan hadis tentang keistimewaan bulan Zulhijjah. Setelah beberapa kali pengulangan mereka kemudian menuliskannya di papan tulis. Naila, Azra, Syahna, dan Caca lalu berjejer di depan papan tulis untuk menuliskannya.

Lalu menuliskan ucapan talbiyyah.

“..وَنِّعْمَتَ…وَنِّعْمَتَ…،” Syahna terus mengulang-ngulang sambil menuliskannya.

Alhamdulillaah, 4 meetings of learning about Dhul-Hijjah has given the girls more knowledge about why this month is special for us, Moslems. ^^




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